Welcome to my blog! As you may have guessed, Thomas is a pseudonym that allows me the anonymity to work through issues like evolution without having to worry about what my friends and family might think. I sympathize with the weakness of the apostle Thomas’s faith and hope that the Lord will deal with me with the same compassion as he gave to this early disciple, and that like him, Jesus will use me to do good things for his kingdom.

I do not mind telling you that I am a year shy of thirty, have been very happily married for three years, and am now the proud father of a fat, fat boy. I spend my time teaching Latin at a prep school, hanging out with my wife, walking my dog, going to a PCA (Presbyterian Church in America) church, reading books, and watching Netflix rentals.

For the last two or so years, I have been thinking about science and Christianity. I have come to reject young earth creationism, embracing instead a universe is that is billions of years old and accepting evolution as the best explanation for the variety of earth’s life. I am in the process of trying to understand how that affects the way I read my Bible.

For now, this blog is mostly about science and Christianity, but I hope that it will evolve (pardon the pun) into all things Christian. The pathway I am taking isn’t as scary as it was at first, but it is still uncertain, and I covet your prayers as I seek God, the source of all truth.